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Bloody milestone in Nigeria.

Seven Christians were killed in Nigeria’s Benue state on Saturday, bringing the total number of believers who have lost their lives there to more than 60 in less than a month, it has been reported.

Please continue to uphold your Christian brothers and sisters in Nigeria in prayer as they continue to go through this brutal and relentless persecution.

Militants killed a Christian, Orolumunga Changogi, during a raid on a worship meeting on Saturday night in Logo County, sources said. Five others were wounded and the pastor, Rev Gwadue Kwaghtyo, and four other church members were kidnapped. Earlier in the day it is understood that at least six believers in Apa County were killed.

Local resident Sunday Ojo in a text message that day said: ‘Ikobi village, a Christian community, is currently under attack by Fulani herdsmen. Several houses have been razed, while more than six Christians have been killed by the attackers. Christians in Apa Local Government Area [LGA] need your prayers.’

Edward Lucky, another resident, also texted: ‘Christian villages in Apa … are under attack. Many Christians have been displaced by the armed herdsmen. These attacks have forced Christians to abandon their farms. There has been no government intervention in order to stem these attacks.’

On March 26 in Guma LGA, five people were killed by militant Fulani herdsmen in raids on the predominantly Christian villages of Njee and Chongu, after Udei village was attacked three days earlier, said local resident James Anyamnhu.

In Agatu and Otukpo counties, five Christians were killed in two herdsmen attacks on March 23 in Atakpa village, Agatu County, and Iwili village, Otukpo County, said Joseph Ngbede, a council official of the Agatu LGA. He added that Guma County was also targeted.

These raids followed the killing of more 50 Christians in Kwande County on March 13.

Update on Nigeria campaign

Today sees the launch of our campaign, Out of these Ashes, which focuses on the ongoing persecution of Christians in Nigeria. The three-month long campaign seeks to highlight the suffering of Christians there and to call believers here in the UK to concerted prayer on their behalf.

Join us at 7.30pm tonight online on YouTube for our worship event to launch the campaign. Register now for the link to join via Eventbrite here.

You can read more about how Christians in Nigeria are responding to persecution in the latest issue of Voice magazine. Click here to read their inspirational stories.

Chinese prisoners released

On March 19 Chinese officials released Church on the Rock pastor Geng Zejun after he served a sentence of 15 months for ‘illegal organisation of gathering’. Upon his release, Geng’s family and other believers brought flowers to the detention centre.

Geng’s release followed that of Uyghur Christian Alimujiang Yimiti who was let out of prison a few days earlier after completing a 15-year sentence. Our partners confirm that he is now back home with his family.


  • Thank God for the courage of Christians in Nigeria who continue to follow Christ and proclaim His Lordship despite facing intense persecution

  • Pray that our brothers and sisters in Nigeria will know the peace, healing and comfort of the Lord as they go through this trial. Remember especially those who have lost loved ones or been injured and those who have been kidnapped and traumatised

  • Pray that Christians in the UK will commit themselves to pray for their persecuted family in Nigeria and that God would strengthen the church there

  • Thank God for the release of Alimujiang Yimiti and Geng Zejun. Pray for them to adjust to life outside prison

(Sources: Morning Star News; ChinaAid)

Please CLICK if you prayed.

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