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Job 38:3 (NIV)

Brace yourself like a man.

Sometimes God Almighty commands us to brace ourselves. He challenges us to see what we're made of. The same God who trained His Son (Isaiah 7:15) challenges us to man up. If we are to be coworkers with God (1 Thessalonians 3:2) and gain His trust and confidence, we need to demonstrate that we're man enough (Jeremiah 12:5) to handle what He lets us face. We had earthly fathers who similarly trained us (2 Samuel 7:14). I remember my dad throwing me into the water with an inflated tube to teach swimming and only helping me if I was almost drowning.

Job didn't know why God had abandoned him any more than Christ did on the cross (Psalm 22:1). But if Christ is to confide in us (Psalm 25:4), Man to man, He needs to know what we are made of. So, brace yourself:).

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