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Matthew 7:13 (NASB)

The way is broad that leads to destruction.

The path that leads to damnation is so wide that even we Christians can get seduced by it. The narrow path, the Lord Jesus Christ, is a hard road to travel as we have to keep denying ourselves and resisting the devil. It's a path that is often lonely with few or no friends, with hardships and difficulties, constant ridicule and criticism. But it is also a path of life, peace, power and intimacy with God through Christ.

The broad way is highly seductive because of the popularity, success, and ease of travel. All one has to do is succumb to the world and its ways. It's difficult to say and believe that God will condemn sin, but it's easy to accept the worldly view of tolerance, patience and understanding towards such behavior. It's difficult to believe in a creator God while it's much easier to believe in evolution or even that God allowed the universe to evolve without much interference (which isn't much different from evolution). The mass appeal and popularity of the broad path is so immense that many Christians get seduced by it.

We believers have to be vigilant to stay on the straight and narrow path in Christ.

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