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Captures, kidnapping in Nigeria

Two Christians were reportedly killed and dozens kidnapped in an attack by Islamist terrorists on the outskirts of the city of Kaduna in northern Nigeria.

The attackers are understood to have invaded Gonin Gora, a predominantly Christian village in Chikun County, southern Kaduna state, on the night of February 28, local residents said.

‘The attackers, who we know to be Muslim bandits terrorizing Christians in Kaduna state, attacked the Angwan Auta area of Gonin Gora and killed two Christians,’ a resident, Patience Ali, told Christian Daily International-Morning Star News in a text message. ‘They also broke into about 10 houses belonging to Christians and kidnapped dozens of members from these households.’

Other Christians were wounded in the attack, she said.


After seven years in prison Chinese pastor John Cao (pictured on release) has been released and has returned to his home in Hunan province. Pastor Cao never wavered from his faith while in prison and even wrote a number of poems while behind bars. Thank you for praying for this brave pastor while he was imprisoned. You can read more information here.

We are sad to report the death from a heart attack of Ebrahim Firouzi (pictured), an Iranian convert to Christianity who had been in internal exile. Ebrahim, who was aged 37, was in jail or in internal exile for most of the time since his first arrest in 2011. Sources say that Ebrahim’s brother had discovered his body when he went to visit him at his flat.


  • For the church in Nigeria as more Christians are killed and abducted. Pray that the bereaved and injured will know God’s healing and comfort and that those who have been kidnapped will be freed

  • Pray for John Cao’s health and recovery after prison, and for him and his family as he adjusts to life back home

  • Thank God for the witness of Ebrahim Firouzi and pray for all those mourning his sad loss.

(Sources: Article 18; ChinaAid; Christian Daily International-Morning Star News)

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