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Christian E-commerce Advertising

Hi saints, if you wish to monetize your Christian businesses, you may do so here. The advertising, campaigning, commercials (audio, video, posts or combination) should be by Christians and for businesses that glorify God and bless humanity. Businesses may be (but not limited to) selling Bibles, Christian art, music, books, videos, clothing, apparel, novelties, souvenirs, recipes, cook books, yoga lessons, children's educational material, engineering, physics, life sciences, health and humanities books, etc.

The business and related advertising should be by a Christian, godly, legal, and legitimate. Word of God Club is only allowing Christian businesses to advertise but will not participate in them, transact on their behalf or certify the legitimacy or legality of such businesses. Advertisers, vendors and buyers are requested to conduct due diligence before engaging in such transactions.

Sellers and buyers are requested to setup their own payment accounts and payment mechanisms. Details can be shared on their posts. Word of God Club will not setup the accounts or transact on their behalf.

Please refer the site policy for details.

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