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Christians feed Gazans. "Pastors' Libraries" equip Tanzanian Pastors. Youth vulnerable to Guerilla recruiters.

A pastor in Gaza and his team are regularly providing hot meals to hundreds of people sheltering and trying to survive the current conflict. “We have been able to distribute meals to the people in Rafah and the middle of the Gaza Strip,” the pastor said. “The situation is very dire, and people are desperate for food.” The pastor is grateful for support from the global body of Christ that enables his team to provide aid and hope to the suffering. “May God bless you abundantly for your kindness and compassion towards our brothers and sisters in Gaza,” he said.


Many Tanzanian pastors lack access to biblical training and in-depth study resources needed to help their congregations stand firm in their faith. Front-line workers in central Tanzania recently handed out 706 boxes of “Pastor’s Libraries” containing study Bibles and other Christian educational aids designed to help pastors train themselves. “Even before we can attend a Bible college, it feels now like we have a Bible college at home through these materials,” said one church leader upon receiving the boxed study kit. The kits were distributed to pastors from several denominational groups. “The pastors are so incredibly grateful,” said a front-line worker. “These libraries and materials are far too high of a cost for them to ever purchase on their own.”


Rodrigo and Astrid have planted eight churches in the region of Sucre, one of Colombia’s “red zones,” or dangerous areas controlled by guerrilla activity. The guerrillas have extorted them, prohibited them from having services, issued curfews and threatened them. Their oldest grandson has a child with a guerrilla officer, and they fear for his life and the life of their 4-year-old great-granddaughter. Their 14-year-old grandson, who lives with them, has also shared his desire to join a guerrilla group, enticed through the promise of material gifts and financial incentives. The couple request prayer for their family and for the other young people in their communities who are vulnerable to the guerrillas’ promises.

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