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Church destroyed on Voodoo day. Husband persecutes Christian wife. Forced "reconversions."

  • Mar. 09, 2023 | Benin Church Destroyed on National Voodoo Day [5] prayers in [1] nation have been posted for church congregation. Benin is considered the birthplace of Voodoo. Occult practices, including idol worship, sacrificing animals, and wearing special talismans believed to ward off evil, are widespread. Voodoo is so commonly practiced in Benin that it has a National Voodoo Day on January 10. Read More.

  • Mar. 09, 2023 | Laos Christian Wife Endures Persecution from Husband [5] prayers in [1] nation have been posted for Fone. Fone is a trader with two children in a northern province of Laos. After she accepted Christ in March 2014, her husband began to abuse her physically, verbally and emotionally. He forces her to visit Buddhist temples with him and has often threatened to kick her out of their home. Read More.

  • Mar. 09, 2023 | India New Believers Forced to "Reconvert" [7] prayers in [1] nation have been posted for Pastor Maan's church members. Pastor Maan, who ministers to tribal people in Andhra Pradesh state, requests prayer for members of his church who are being forced to leave the Christian faith by Hindu radicals and local leaders. Read More.

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