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Matthew 11:13 (NASB 1995)

Are you the expected one?

John 18:6 (NIV)

I am He.

A Christian may not always have clarity of purpose and thought. Convictions and spiritual experiences can become muddled and confusing with time. Given the plethora of denominations and unending bible commentary in the media, it's only natural for a saint to start questioning their faith and lose clarity. A saint may begin asking the question that Satan deceptively slipped into Eve's mind (Gen 3:1), "did God really say? John the Baptist, who was full of the Holy Spirit at conception, had doubts about the messiah. He needed clarity of faith and vision. The remarkable thing is that Christ did not rebuke John for his lack of clarity in faith but instead gave him the evidence (Luke 7:22).

Lacking clarity in our faith and purpose is quite common. In such times, Christ Himself gives us the clarity we need, "I am He."

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