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Eritrean Christians Arrested, Chinese Church demolished.

Please pray for a group of Eritrean Christians who have been arrested by the authorities. Our partner reports that 44 believers – 39 women and five men – were seized while gathering in two private homes at new year. The group are being held at Mai Serwa prison on the outskirts of the capital, Asmara. UPDATE CHINA - Church demolished Armed police pulled down a church in Wenzhou City in China’s Zhejiang province last week, according to our partner ChinaAid. On the evening of January 11, the local government of Wenzhou forcibly demolished the Nangang Church without any agreement or compensation plan with the church. Nangang’s building and land, which covered an area of eight acres, was worth up to US$6 million. Wenzhou City is home to more than one million Christians - one of the densest concentrations of believers in China. PRAY

  • For the release of all Christians being held in prison for their faith in Eritrea

  • That God would protect these recently arrested believers and long-term prisoners and provide for their needs while using them to share the gospel behind bars

  • That Nangang Church would receive more than adequate compensation for the loss of its building and land


  • For the number of believers in Wenzhou. It is estimated that there are more than a thousand officially registered churches in the city

(Sources: ChinaAid; Release International partner) Please CLICK on the red button if you prayed. I prayed! If you received this from a friendplease click here to subscribe directly. To ensure that you always receive these Prayer Alerts in your Inbox, you may need to add our email address to your spam filter's 'safe senders' list. If you are interested in helping persecuted Christians by becoming a Release volunteer please click here. General enquiries or comments? Please email us directly at:

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