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Every two hours a Nigerian Christian is killed for following Christ.

Every two hours, a Nigerian Christian is killed for following Jesus.

That’s nearly 13 people a day, 372 a month and almost 5,000 a year.

And the reality is that each of these numbers is a man, woman, father, mother, son or daughter.

Research for the 2022 World Watch List reveals that in Nigeria, more Christians were murdered for their faith than in any other country. Nigeria accounted for nearly 80% of Christian deaths worldwide.

Once again, the death toll makes Nigeria the world’s most violent place for Christians. Believers live each hour under threat of attack, kidnapping or death from Islamic extremist groups—simply because they walk with Jesus.

Find out more about the situation in Nigeria

Christians risk their lives to worship in northern Nigeria.

We’re sharing what’s happening—this horrific reality—to tell you about the urgent need to bring our Nigerian family to the feet of Jesus. Because we believe in prayer’s power to redeem, heal and restore. That’s why, along with the report, you’ll also find 5 specific ways you can pray for Nigerian believers.

I know you’re praying for our world right now. So am I. The darkness seems all-encompassing. So many people need the hope of Christ. But we know that our God works through the darkness, hearing the desperate prayers of His people.

Listen to His response to the prayers of His people exiled in Babylon:

Before they call, I will answer;

while they are still speaking, I will hear (Isaiah 65:24).

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