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Galatians 5:1 (NIV)

It is for freedom that Christ has set us free.

The word "freedom" doesn't mean much in civil society anymore. While God meant for us to be free to serve Him and enjoy His bounty in heaven, man has perverted that freedom to feed the flesh (1 Peter 2:16). When people are free to fornicate in gay brothels openly, we know that a nation has perverted itself to become another Sodom and Gomorrah. Civil liberties founded on the Holy Bible that were meant to allow people to worship God have now been perverted so that there is now a "Church of Satan" that is granted the same rights as a Christian Church.

Freedom to marry and raise a godly family has been perverted so men and women can "marry" in unnatural ways (Romans 1:26-27), which is an abomination to God. The freedom to have children and raise them in the Lord has been perverted to abort them at birth because it's inconvenient. The freedom to fall in love with our soulmates has been perverted to become unnatural lust with complete state protection. Freedom to move around freely has been perverted to become freedom to riot, loot, and plunder private property. Freedom to eat meat has been perverted to become freedom to smoke narcotics. Freedom to pursue a career of choice has been perverted to pursue state-sponsored careers solely based on ethnicity or gender.

The freedom to save, invest and start a company has been perverted to be the freedom to borrow without ever having to repay by inflating that debt away and making the currency worthless. Freedom to trade has been perverted to insider trading on information from a spouse who runs Congress. Freedom to tap God's natural resources for benefit has been perverted to stifling God's resources in the name of an obscure science based on assumptions, approximations, and gross simplifications.

People stumble and sin in many ways, and the Lord forgives them as they repent. But the people in power, who claim to be traditional Christians and attend orthodox Churches, empower such ungodly behavior. Next week, all you saints will get an opportunity to set America back on the path of holiness. Go vote so that America will again be a nation blessed by God.

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