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Further attack on Nigeria’s Kaduna Christians.

Thank you for praying earlier this month for Christians in Nigeria following the brutal killing of 50 believers in the northern Kaduna state and the abduction of 100 more by Fulani militants.

Sadly just a few days later armed terrorists raided a predominantly Christian suburb of Kaduna city, killing three more believers and wounding three others, sources said.

Among those murdered at Angwan Bulus village was an employee of a Christian ministry, the Kaduna Rescue Mission, another source said.

Ezekiel Gabriel of the city of Kaduna said he was visiting a relative at Angwan Bulus when the attack began.

‘I was at Angwan Bulus around 9 pm, and the next thing I heard was multiple gunshots,’ Gabriel said in a text message to Morning Star News. ‘Terrorists attacked this Christian community. They shot some people, and people were running; children were running, and I had to run for my life too.’

‘Christians are really suffering here in Kaduna,’ Gabriel said.

Rev John Joseph Hayab, chairman of the Kaduna state chapter of the Christian Association of Nigeria, said Christians mourning the deaths of their loved ones had become commonplace and accepted by Nigerian authorities.

He said: ‘We call on all Christians and people of goodwill in Kaduna state to continue to pray for peace to reign and persecution of Christians to end.’


Please continue to pray for the many Christians bereaved and injured in Kaduna and the wider northern region, as the Nigerian government continues to fail in its duty to protect its own people.

Thank God for the Christians in northern Nigeria and pray that they will stay strong in their faith, responding in love to their persecutors.

Let’s continue to pray for an end to the violence against Christians which has scarred this region for far too long.

(Source: Morning Star News)

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