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His wrath

Dear saints, I trust that the Lord had been keeping and blessing you. Ever felt like you were the only person who believed in a cause (whether it was something as spiritual as saving souls or as natural as starting a tech start-up or saving the whales) and nobody understood or even bothered to help you? Do you feel that churches and so called "Christian sites" have diluted God's word and don't allow words and scriptures from the Bible that depict God's anger, wrath, and holiness? If so then you’re not alone. Your conviction is more powerful than any force in this universe. The same applies to destroying sin and Satan. The character portraying Major Richard Winters in the movie “Band of brothers” famously quotes “We’re paratroopers Lieutenant, we’re supposed to be surrounded.” As ambassadors for Christ our faith in the Lord and our convictions in His service will always be challenged by the devil. So, like the Major, let our hatred of sin and wrath against the devil fuel our tenacity and service.

Let’s look at Isaiah 63:1-6. These verses prophesied by the Prophet spoke about the wrath of the Lord (Romans 1:18) and the vengeance in His heart again sin and Satan that made Him strong and powerful enough to trample and destroy His enemies. As powerful as love is (1 Peter 4:8, James 2:13), sometimes we may forget or ignore the power of God’s justice or His wrath. The notable verse in the above passage is Isaiah 63:5. This verse describes how the Lord sought help to mete out justice on the devil and a fallen world, but there was no one to help Him. Now, I don’t think that the Lord needed any help and certainly wasn’t desperate for it. I believe that the verse is explaining how Christ was alone in His quest to destroy sin and establish God’s kingdom (Luke 11:20). His wrath and righteousness, and his hatred of sin, and His love for holiness and justice gave Him the power to finish God’s will successfully (John 19:30). His wrath and righteousness indignation, easily misunderstood as a negative emotion, empowered Him.

Do we feel alone in our quest to do God’s will saints? It could be as complex as being a missionary to a foreign land, or as simple as helping a homeless person or someone in need. Then let our hatred of sin and the greed in this world empower us. Let our righteous indignation and holy wrath empower us to go it alone and do great things for Him.  Rage on saints.

Have a good week🙂.

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