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Holy, Holy, Holy

Isaiah 6:3 (NIV)

Holy, holy, holy, is the Lord Almighty.

The one thing in God's nature that sets Him apart from all other deities is His absolute purity and holiness. The cherubim and seraphim that serve the Lord as His creatures are constantly covering their eyes as they can not behold the absolute purity of God. The holiness of God is not just something in His being but also His mind.

The mind of Christ can not think or conceive even the slightest unholy thing. The holiness of God is also what sets Him apart from the carnality of natural man. Even the holiest of us are sexual, natural, and earthy beings that consume, excrete, secrete, and defile in some way. But to the holiness of God, even the most normal and natural acts like sex in marriage are repulsive. Hence the asexuality of all the resurrected saints in heaven.

It is time for the saints to take a moment to ponder upon the magnificent holiness of our heavenly Father.

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