2 Chronicles 32:23 (NIV)

From then on he was highly regarded by all the nations.

Honor and respect are the most sought-after recognitions. They are probably second only to love and acceptance. We want to be respected by our families and friends, employers, coworkers, church friends, and others. How do we react and feel should that be denied us?

How does a husband who toils from dawn to dusk feel when his wife and children treat him as a cash cow and do not love and honor him? How should an employee who goes the extra mile to prosper the company feel when denied that promotion? How should a young man who works two jobs to satisfy his girlfriend think if she kept sighting him?

Our response in such situations depends on who and where we're seeking honor from. As believers, our honor is not in this or of this world. Our ultimate honor comes from God for being His good and faithful servants. If that's settled, we wouldn't grow disgruntled or feel slighted if we're not honored in this life.

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