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House of Lords debates issue of Christian persecution.

Updated: Feb 14, 2020


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  1. That the issue of Christian persecution would continue to be on MPs’ agendas That actions would be taken based on Open Doors’ recommendations in the report  That our persecuted church family would see these changes become a reality in their lives as they continue to boldly proclaim the gospel in their nations.“IF WE DON’T, WHO WILL?”: PERSECUTION OF CHRISTIANS DEBATED IN PARLIAMENT The issue of Christian persecution was debated in the House of Commons and the House of Lords on 6 February 2020 – which is directly linked to the success of the World Watch List launch in Parliament on 16 January. Thank you so much for praying for the continued impact of the World Watch List 2020 report, which many MPs made reference to during the debate.Representatives of all the major political parties joined in the debate, highlighting the need for the government to take action on this issue, following the Bishop of Truro’s 2019 report that addressed it.It’s encouraging to hear the work of Open Doors recognised in Parliament, and to see the statistics of the World Watch List report being used to inform debate, but it is, of course, far more important that progress is made to help secure the freedom, safety and dignity of our persecuted church family. As MP Jim Shannon said in the House: “Today’s debate raises awareness, but we must continue to stand up for the millions of Christians who have hoped for change for many years and are yet to see it become a reality. If we don’t, who will?”Read more about the debate and MPs’ responses to Open Doors’ four recommendations for action.PLEASE PRAY:

  2. PERSEVERANCE IN PAKISTAN (#5) Christians in Pakistan, which is number 5 on the World Watch List, are generally regarded as second-class citizens, and are only able to occupy jobs that are regarded as low, dirty and dishonourable. The country’s anti-blasphemy laws are disproportionately applied against the Christian minority, with Asia Bibi’s case being the most famous, attracting international attention.Open Doors partners support the church in Pakistan through training, literacy and vocational projects, emergency aid and trauma counselling.Read how prayerful perseverance led to Asia Bibi’s freedom after nearly ten years on death row.A prayer for Pakistan Heavenly Father, thank You for the courage of the persecuted church in Pakistan. Help them continue to bring freedom and hope to their families, workplaces and communities. Bring justice for those who are unfairly imprisoned, and lead home those who have been abducted. May Your love and mercy prevail throughout the nation. Amen.With many thanks for your prayers,

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