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In Bangladesh Rojina dreams of a life of Christ-likeness.

Updated: Nov 22, 2019


When Rojina (pictured) became a Christian, her neighbours tried to stop her continuing her job: teaching. They told her that her children couldn’t go to school, and that nobody would ever marry her daughter. She has been raising her children alone for over a decade, after her husband died in an accident. She decided to become a Christian when she learned about Jesus and found hope in Him. And, thanks to your prayers and support, she has received help through the Ananna discipleship course.

Since 2012, Open Doors has worked with local churches in Bangladesh to conduct the Ananna programme for women who have experienced opposition to their faith - mostly converts from Islam, like Rojina, and tribal believers. Christians she knows have helped with tuition fees, clothes and books for her children. “It was amazing,” she says. “I never ask but they understood my needs. I believe the Lord gave to me through His people… Now my dream is to live out a life of Christlikeness and follow Him with steadfastness, whatever the situation and whatever suffering comes into my life.”

Rojina is one of many persecuted Christian women who have contributed to the handmade petition, which is currently on display until Sunday 24 November in the Chapter House at Westminster Abbey – find out more about visiting the exhibition.


For Rojina and other Christian women who are taking part in the Ananna project, that God would bless them and make them a blessing to othersThat God would continue to guide and give wisdom to Open Doors workers in Bangladesh who run the Ananna courseFor the handmade petition display, that many people would attend and they would be impacted by how God is at work in these women’s lives.

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