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Like 24:49 (NASB)

You are clothed with power from on high.

The entry of the Lord Jesus Christ was nothing short of an invasion into a sin-infested world controlled by Satan. Satan tried to murder Him at infancy (Matthew 2:13), the Pharisees wanted to murder Him in His adulthood (Mark 3:6), and the world rejected Him for a terrorist (Matthew 27:21-25). The physical circumstances of His first coming into His creation were catastrophic towards the end of His earthly life (Matthew 27:50-56). These are the classic signs of resistance of sin to a holy invasion. When a man or woman receives the Holy Spirit, it is a sacred invasion by the Person of God into a sinful being. The resistance of sin and debauchery can put up tremendous resistance to that holy invasion. But to every soul that completely submits himself to Christ, that holy invasion will be peaceful, powerful, and liberating.

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