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Korea: The war with Christians is not over.

70 YEARS AFTER THE KOREAN WAR, JESUS STILL HAS THE VICTORY  The Korean War was instrumental in solidifying the Kim family’s grip on North Korea – the most dangerous country in the world to follow Jesus. Today (25 June) marks 70 years since the start of the Korean War. Despite the oppression they have lived under for over seven decades, the underground church has not only survived since the Korean War – but grown. Find out more about the story of courageous faith in North Korea – and how your prayers are making a difference. As we remember the start of the Korean War, and what that meant for the church in North Korea, please continue to stand with our persecuted church family there. Your support not only enables North Korean believers to survive the harsh realities of life in North Korea and stay strong in their faith but helps to remind them that they are not alone or forgotten.   You can also pray for the church in North Korea with our 7 Days of Prayer resource. PLEASE PRAY: 

  • For Christians in North Korea, that they would be strengthened by the Holy Spirit and that they would one day be free to worship the Lord without fear  

  • For the North Korean government, that Jesus would reveal Himself to them 

  • That God would continue to bless the work of Open Doors secret networks in China.   

RISKING IT ALL FOR JESUS IN MAURITANIA It’s illegal for Mauritanians to convert from Islam to Christianity, and so believers must keep their faith completely secret. The country’s tribal culture means that converting to Christianity is seen as a betrayal of their nationality. Choosing Jesus over your tribe could even mean death, as most people need their extended families to survive in Mauritania’s nomadic society.   But your prayers and support mean that Open Doors is able to support the church in North Africa through providing training, distributing Christian literature, socio-economic development projects and advocacy.  Find out more about what it's like to follow Jesus in Mauritania. A prayer for Mauritania  Lord Jesus, thank You that You are sovereign over all the earth, and that Your Spirit dwells with us wherever we are. May our sisters and brothers in Mauritania know Your presence closer to them than their breath. Fill them with Your Spirit and strengthen them to overcome the dangers of following You in their communities. Draw more Mauritanians to Your light and Your love. Amen. With many thanks for your prayers.

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