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Kyung-So knew his friend's life was in his hands.


When Kyung-So* first heard about God from a secret believer, he knew his friend had taken an enormous risk. If Kyung-So told the authorities, his friend would have been taken to a horrific labour camp - or even killed.

“He had a big family that I knew very well would all be dragged off to political prison. I had someone’s life in my hands," says Kyung-So. Thankfully he chose instead to find out more - and became a secret believer himself. Every North Korean Christian has to make this brave decision.

Through secret networks, Open Doors is currently helping 60,000 North Korean Christians survive, with food, medicine and clothing. With your support and prayers, this vital work can continue.

Read Kyung-So's story and how to support North Korean Christians

*Name changed for security reasons


Thank God that Kyung-So heard the gospel and responded courageously For the good news of Jesus to spread in North Korea, despite extreme oppositionFor food, medicine and fuel to reach vulnerable North Korean Christians.


Most Somali Christians keep their faith completely secret. Islam is an important part of a Somali’s identity, and if you decide to leave Islam and follow Jesus it’s seen as a huge betrayal – one that could lead to immediate execution. That's one reason Somalia is still number three on the World Watch List.

Open Doors supports isolated Somali believers in the Horn of Africa through the radio, partnering with others to produce radio programmes in the Somali language which bring the gospel to those who may never have heard it before.


Lord Jesus, thank You that You have not forgotten the people of Somalia. Reveal Your love and mercy to more and more Somalis. Strengthen those who have already chosen to follow You. Bless those who make and broadcast radio programmes that tell of Your saving power – may they reach more and more people and transform more lives. Amen.

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