Matthew 19:20 (NASB)

What am I still lacking?

I'm sure we all asked God this question at some point in our lives. God, what am I still lacking? How can I be perfect? What else must I do for You to like me? When we start as Christians, the zeal and the passion in the Holy Spirit are so powerful that we feel we can conquer the world. But as we begin to stumble, backslide, and sin, that spotless perfection seems unreachable. It's in times such as those that we need to remember that a saint is not perfect but faithful and repentant.

What sort of perfection does God seek of us? Micah 6:8 simplifies that for us. All that God requires of us is to love justice and mercy and to live humbly before the Lord. The perfection of a Christian saint is faith in his Master's sinlessness, not his own. So believe in the perfect One, and rise and knight, saints.

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