Job 9:9 (NIV)

He is the Maker of the Bear and the Orion, the Pleiades, and the constellations of the south.

When we look up into the skies and see the countless number of stars and galaxies, what's the first thing that occurs to us? To some, it may be exciting and an opportunity to explore. To others, it may seem like a total waste. Why all that extravagance? As much as God created the universe for His glory (Psalm 19:1), He also made them for our pleasure. No father can enjoy his wealth alone. He longs to share it with his children (Luke 15:31). God is our true Father and no different. This day and age of high inflation and belt-tightening lavish isn't a word that we'd think of. Frugality is good as we should not tempt the Lord, but fear that we'll run out of God's grace is a mistake. Let's take a moment to ponder His extravagance (Matthew 6:26-30)

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