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Miracles, Divine healing and supernatural manifestations

Dear Saints,

Welcome to the blog to document and discuss the supernatural manifestations of God in our daily lives. Why is the church devoid of this power that was promised to us by the Lord (Mark 16:17-18)? Is it because of unrepentant sin, disobedience or just plain unbelief? Come join us in prayer and debate. Let the Holy Spirit unleash His power for God's glory and our eternal blessings.

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Brain tumor healed

Becky Dvorak on faith healing.


Here's the testimony of a doctor who had incurable and unbearable pain who was miraculously healed by the Lord.


Thanks for the link sis. Capt Dale Black does seem to have powerful ministry and testimony. I subscribed to his ministry and here's the link to his site: Praise the Lord for this wonderful soul and ministry!


MUKKIN I am so thankful that you brought up Becky Dvorack, whom I had never heard of before. After listening to almost all of her vids and getting her book, I feel she is for real - unlike some "faith healers." She taught me something no one else did, namely to follow up on renouncing and cursing and commanding evil spirits and sickness, with using the Name of Yahushuah and pleading the Blood to speak health and wholeness to replace the infirmities.

I have also found another good teacher, I believe, Capt. Dale Black. He was in a horrific plane crash and had one of those near death expereinces as a young airplane pilot. It changed his life from o…


Here's a preview of what's coming up on Sid Roth's show this week with Larry Sparks and Ana Werner regarding a revival:


Here's a new post from Becky Dvorak on learning about faith from others:

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