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Nepal: Attack by Hindu Radica

Sep. 14, 2023 | Nepal Attack by Hindu Radicals Broadcast on Social Media [9] prayers in [1] nation have been posted for Shiva and Kamleshor. Members of a threatened church continue to fellowship together. Shiva and Kamleshor are leaders of a group of 20 Christians who have been meeting for fellowship in a Maithili-speaking region of Nepal. On June 24, a group of more than 40 Hindu radicals surrounded the home where they were meeting to threaten and mock them, live-streaming their abusive actions on social media for three hours. These brothers were discouraged but thankful for the body of Christ remembering them in prayer. Read More. Sep. 14, 2023 | Morocco Lack of Access to Bibles Limiting Discipleship [7] prayers in [1] nation have been posted for Moroccans. Nearly all Moroccans are Sunni Muslims, and Christian converts face opposition from their communities as well as the government. Only a fraction of 1 percent of the population of Morocco are Christians, and lack of access to Bibles limits the growth of Christian communities. "Believers and seekers in this country face a shortage of physical Bibles and are usually obligated to interact with God's Word in an online or digital format, which is not accessible for everyone," a front-line worker said. Additionally, new followers of Christ are often threatened by family members, discriminated against by landlords, and forced to relocate unexpectedly. Read More. Sep. 14, 2023 | Mexico Pastor Continues Evangelism in Face of Opposition [7] prayers in [1] nation have been posted for Pastor Filadelfo. Pastor Filadelfo led this sister (far left) to Christ after praying for her to be healed. Pastor Filadelfo, a former drug trafficker who is now an evangelist, has been jailed repeatedly for his gospel witness and was kicked out of his village for refusing to renounce Christ and return to the traditional religious practices of the village. Because of the prayers and support he has received through VOM, Filadelfo is able to continue to share the gospel in Southern Mexico, praying for the sick and providing Bibles to believers who don't have one. Read More.

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