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New worship space. Risky gift. Pressured to convert to Islam.

  • Apr. 08, 2021 | Ethiopia They Thought They Could Wipe Out the Church [4] prayers in [2] nations have been posted for Believers with a new worship space. When Muslims in eastern Ethiopia forced a small congregation out of the home used for meetings, they expected the Christian presence in their area to cease, but the number of believers has increased in the last year. Biblical Christians in the region, which is 98 percent Muslim, used to meet for worship on Sundays in the living room of one of the believers. Local Muslims pressured the man's landlord to evict him, and then the believer was unable to rent another house because the same Muslims had threatened other landlords. Read More.

  • Apr. 08, 2021 | Iran A Risky Gift [4] prayers in [2] nations have been posted for Girl with Bible. A Christian couple in Iran received a care package from fellow believers outside the country. It included a small gift for a child, but the couple did not have any children. When the neighbor girl came over, they decided to give her the gift, and after some hesitation, they also decided to give her the children's Bible that came with it. Read More.

  • Apr. 08, 2021 | Pakistan Woman Working to Provide for Family Pressured to Convert to Islam [6] prayers in [3] nations have been posted for Samina and Amjed Masih. In 2016, Samina Masih started working in a factory to support her family and cover her husband's medical expenses. Amjed, her husband, has suffered from kidney disease for six years and requires dialysis three times a week. Recently, as Samina prayed at work, her Muslim co-workers stopped her and pressured her to convert to Islam. Read More.

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