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On kicking demon butt....

I have been studying how to do what Yahushuah, aka Jesus, told us to do, namely casting out demons. We are always wrestling with this or that problem. The Bible tells us that we do not wrestle against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers of the air i.e. the dark side.

I suspect the reason we sometimes don't get answers to our prayers is because we are not about the business of kicking demon butt. Along those lines, as mentioned elsewhere on this site, I have been studying people who seem credible to me, who are into deliverance, like Becky Dvorak and Capt. Dale Black. I would not feel comfortable going to a deliverance minister. First, I don't even know of any in my area. 2nd, how do I know if they are for real if I come across any? I have heard that if you go to someone who is not for real, you can come away with more problems, through laying on of hands, than you went in with.

So, my prayer is that I will be led to do self deliverance on myself - health and emotion related - and that, if and as the Father leads, I will be led to do deliverance for others, all for His glory. Well, my other prayer would be that when I am used of Him for deliverance, that the people involved will go and do likewise.

I have been trying to do what I feel I have learned and have had some strange things happen - not very dramatic and not scary - which some call "manifestations." For example, sometimes after trying to cast out and command, I will yawn very broadly and/or cough for no apparent physical reasons. And at times at night I am awakened by puffs of air leaving my mouth, sometimes with my cheeks filling up with air first, though my muscles were no way involved to do that. Things like that. I know some say demons leave by different orifices, especially the mouth. Yet, if there has been any real deliverance, I don't see much evidence for that.

They say to persist, and I am doing so. But I need guidance and power from the Holy Spirit, in my mind and most of all in my heart, to be sure I am proceeding as He wants.

Please pray for His help and guidance and freedom for me and others I can impact. Thank you and I will be praying for you too!

Now the thought occurs - that some will say believers cannot have demons. From what I have studied my opinion is that they cannot be possessed by demons, but can certainly be troubled by them inside.

Also, if you have had experience in this area, and/or seen success and have some tips, that would be lovely.

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Mukkin Thanks for the response and info. I think I will add rebuking phrases 3 times too, against whatever it is I am coming against. I'm the experimental type. Whatever works. :-)


That's a great calling. I haven't actually exorcised but have overcome my own fears. The Holy Spirit simply commanded to utter these words three times when confronting evil spirits, "The Lord rebuke you Satan." Since all demonic spirits are from Satan and led by him,  the Lord commanded me to go straight for the head of the serpent. Even today when I very rarely have nightmares, The Holy Spirit has me rebuke evil spirits and the nightmares vanish.

To be powerful in the Holy Spirit one needs to be fully yielded to Him at all times. Like Samuel we should be able to say "Speak Lord, your servant is listening." There should be nothing hidden from Him and nothing …

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