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Open Doors April Prayer Force Alert

Thank you for standing with your persecuted family around the world. Below are some of the stories from our newest Prayer Force Alert to help you pray with believers in World Watch List countries.

For believers in Southeast Asia, persecution is not just a concern—it’s a daily reality. Leaving one’s Buddhist or animistic background means exclusion, loss of rights, and outright bullying. Pray with God’s family as they struggle to follow Jesus in a culture hostile to their faith. More …

The horrifying stories coming out of sub-Saharan Africa break the heart of God and of every believer who hears them. Warring factions put their own desire for power over the lives and faith of anyone in their way. Be in prayer with these brothers and sisters. More …

Even though persecution is rampant in so many countries around the world, there is still encouraging news from many places! Believers regularly stand up under pressure, boldly declare their faith and show their determination to follow Jesus.

Often lost in the overall cloud of persecution around the world are children and young people who have known little else in their young lives. Jesus said it was a terrible thing to cause a “little one” to stumble. Pray for brave, believing hearts that beat around the world. More …

Open Doors has a seven-year plan to pray for the church in the Middle East as Christians heal and rebuild in the years after being decimated by war and ISIS. Join our multiyear Hope for the Middle East Prayer Campaign as we lift up requests from believers in Iraq and Syria. You can also visit to learn more.

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