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Outflow of spiritual power

Dear saints, I trust that the Lord had been keeping and blessing you. We may not dwell on this much, but we’re the only Jesus that the world sees (Matthew 5:15-16, John 14:20, Acts 1:8)! We saints are supposed to emanate the life of Christ in us (John 7:38) in such a way that the world will be attracted, not turned away, to the Christ in us (John 12:32). Are we oozing the power of the Holy Spirit in us to those devoid of Him? Is the world being drawn to us like a moth drawn to a flame?

If you will, let’s look at Luke 8:46. This is the well known scripture narrating the Lord’s encounter with the woman who had a bleeding issue and her subsequent healing. What’s remarkable here is that Christ was distinctly aware that power had gone out from Him, as if a few joules of energy or lightning had oozed out of Him! The power of the Holy Spirit is so palpable and tangible that a saint can literally feel His Presence and the subsequent energy drain when it leaves our mortal bodies to heal or uplift others.

It was that power that was oozing out of the Master that made Him so attractive to saint and sinner alike. Powerful and wealthy men like Matthew the tax collector (Matthew 9:9-13), Nicodemus the Pharisee (John 3:1-21), the rich young ruler (Matthew 19:16-30), the Roman centurion (Luke 7:1-10) and others were drawn to Him like chunks of steel to a powerful magnet. Even powerful women like Joanna the wife of Cuza (Luke 8:2-3) couldn’t resist that power and served Him faithfully. Notice that all these were pagans, atheists and unbelievers when they were called, and yet followed the Master as if they knew Him all along!

Another classic example for Omnipotence oozing from a saint is the Apostle Paul. Paul was radiating God’s glory and power through his mortal body to such an extent that even bandannas or kerchiefs that had touched Paul’s body healed many (Acts 19:12)! Powerful men like King Agrippa and Caesar himself were audience to this great man (Acts 26:32).

Are we oozing God’s power from us to others saints? Is a lost and dying world interested is us, i.e., in the Christ in us? Is the world being drawn to the irresistible Omnipotence radiating from us? Are we shining brightly and radiantly like the burning bush that attracted a pagan Moses (Exodus 3:1-6)? I pray that we are.

Have a good week, saints🙂.

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