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Pastor attacked by Hindu radicals


Pastor Bhim Tamang, 63, was visiting a new believer in Christ and sharing the Word of God with him on Sept. 4 when a group of Hindu radicals burst into the home. They hit Bhim, broke his hearing aid, burned his Bible and warned him to stop preaching. Police officers arrived to protect Bhim and his colleagues, but the radicals pushed through and smeared black paint on Bhim's face. The police believed that, due to the aggressiveness of the radicals, Bhim and his colleagues would not be safe at the local station, so they took the Christians to district headquarters. Read More.

·         Dec. 14, 2023 | Korea, North

[7] prayers in [1] nation have been posted for underground Christians.

Front-line workers are making new connections with Christians in the underground church and distributing Bibles into North Korea through many methods, new and old. Owning a Bible or even portions of Scripture is extremely risky in North Korea. After a recent meeting with front-line workers and North Korean Christians, VOM President Cole Richards shared, "Few North Koreans have ever had access to Scripture - or even to the core gospel message - because of the Communist-inspired regime's unceasing efforts to restrict access. Read More.

·         Dec. 14, 2023 | Afghanistan

[7] prayers in [1] nation have been posted for Afghan Christians.

Afghan Christians struggling to survive as refugees in neighboring countries ask for prayer. According to international relief agencies, Afghans constitute the third-largest displaced population in the world after Syrian and Ukrainian refugees. Those groups report at least 1.2 million Afghans fled when the Taliban seized control in August 2021, joining many who had previously evacuated. In total, around 8 million Afghan refugees are believed to live in neighboring countries, including some Christians, says a front-line worker: "Pray for God's peace, protection and provision for them and that they will not be deported back to Afghanistan." Read More.


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