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Hebrews 11:1 (ABPE)

He endured as if he had seen God, who is unseen.

A pilgrim's journey to God and salvation may take him along familiar or strange paths. A man may find God in the church next door or on the battlefield on another continent. Moses had to leave his adopted home country Egypt to find God on Mt. Sinai in a burning bush that never burnt out. Crusaders and pilgrims in the middle ages traveled thousands of miles to the Holy land to find God and salvation.

A pilgrim's pilgrimage is never easy. It's fraught with dangers to self and soul. A man going to the church next door may just as quickly be shunned as one who has to travel to another continent. But it is God who inspires, sustains, and brings that soul to Mt. Sinai to meet Him face to face. The quest for peace with God and to find forgiveness for sins will enable a man to endure any suffering because he's seeking Him, Who is invisible.

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