Pray for broken chains in Eritrea.

  1. It's been two years since Leah was taken by Boko Haram.

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  1. That God would comfort and strengthen Leah and that He would bring her home soonFor Leah’s parents and younger brother, that they would know God’s peace in the midst of their heartache That God would thwart the plans of Boko Haram throughout Nigeria and that He would turn their hearts to Him. That there would be security and provisions for displaced believers wanting to return home.REBECCA SHARIBU: "WITHOUT YOUR PRAYERS I WOULDN'T BE STANDING" The mother of Leah Sharibu, the Nigerian schoolgirl kidnapped by Boko Haram on 19 February 2018, has spoken out on the second anniversary of her abduction.In an interview with Open Doors, Rebecca Sharibu shared her prayer to God - thanking Him for Leah's faith and asking that He would increase that faith and bring her home. Incredibly, she also says that she is praying for Leah's abductors, and would forgive them: "I forgive them, because the Lord has asked me to forgive them and He has told us to forgive."Watch: Rebecca Sharibu talks about Leah’s extraordinary faithRebecca is grateful for your continued support: "I want to thank all of you at Open Doors and everyone else who is praying for us. Without your prayers I wouldn’t be here – I wouldn’t be standing."PLEASE PRAY:

  2. BREAKING CHAINS IN ERITREA (#6) In Eritrea, only a few church denominations are recognised by the government. Christians who aren’t members of state-approved churches are considered a threat to the state and are likely to be severely punished. Eritrean prisons aren’t like prisons here in the UK – sometimes they are shipping containers that reach scorching temperatures during the day, and drop below freezing at night.Open Doors partners with the local church in Eritrea to provide practical assistance to persecuted Christians, support Bible and discipleship training, and raise awareness and prayer.Watch: Church leader Eyal* talks about being imprisoned for his faith A prayer for Eritrea  Lord Jesus, thank You that the gospel can’t be chained and that Your light breaks into the darkest places. Strengthen our sisters and brothers in Eritrea who are imprisoned unjustly and open wide the prison doors that they may see freedom. Unite the church in Eritrea that they may proclaim with one voice that You are Lord.

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