Pray for people in Aleppo.

Updated: Dec 2, 2019


When his apartment in Aleppo was struck by a rocket, everyone assumed George and his family had died. By a miracle, they were alive. But they had lost everything. Without his home or his furniture business, George spiraled into depression.

But that's where you stepped in! Thanks to your prayers and support, Open Doors partners in Syria are able to provide microloans to people like George. And now he's been able to reopen his furniture business.

“I used to collect garbage,” he says. “We were in deep need. Thanks to the help of the church now I can work. Through the project I now have a decent life.”

A gift of £65 could go towards providing training and a loan, to enable a woman like Jina to open a small business so she can support her family and community.


For peace and protection in Syria and an end to the current instability

For Open Doors partners bringing vital help and long-term help to those in need

For George and his family as they rebuild their lives, that they can be a great witness to their community.

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