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PRAYER ALERT: Christians killed in Nigerian village raids

More than 40 Christians were killed by militant Fulani herdsmen in raids on a cluster of villages in Nigeria’s Benue state earlier this month, it has been reported.

According to sources, the attackers invaded Imande Mbakange village in the early hours of June 3, killing 28 Christians, reported Morning Star News.

On June 4, Fulani raiders killed another 18 Christians, six in each of the villages of Michihe, Achamegh and Mbagene Kpav, according to a press statement from the Shitile Development Association.

The association stated: ‘Most disturbing also is the fact that the identity of the perpetrators is known to security agencies and the Nigerian government, and yet nothing has been done to end this carnage.’

Those who escaped the attacks fled the areas, leaving their homes and farmlands, it said.


A Christian woman aged in her sixties was reportedly killed as she prayed in her church in Manipur state, India.

Morning Star News (MSN) reported sources saying that the recent surge of ethnic violence with its growing religious component in northeastern India had led to the killing on June 9.

According to the Indigenous Tribal Leaders’ Forum (ITLF), the ethnic Kuki Christian woman, named as Domkhohoi Haokip, was killed as she prayed inside a church in Khoken village by armed ethnic Meitei, who are predominantly Hindu.

Two other ethnic Kuki Christians, Jangpao Touthang and Khaimang Guite, were killed in the attack in which the Meitei arrived in the vehicles and uniforms of the Indian army, according to the ITLF.

In China’s Guangdong province, plain-clothes forcefully entered a church during a service on June 4, claiming to be investigating reports of a crime.

The congregation at Guangzhou Bible Reformed Church were abruptly asked to leave but Pastor Huang Xiaoning challenged the officers, questioning the basis of their actions.Christian

Five of the church’s sites were raided by officials in May but, despite enduring constant harassment since 2018, this resilient community has continued to grow, and their church attendance has significantly increased!


  • That Christians in Benue and throughout north and central Nigeria will know God’s strength and comfort as they face ongoing persecution from militants. Pray for healing for the injured and traumatised, and that those who have fled their homes will be provided for

  • For an end to the brutal, two-decades-long persecution of Christians in Nigeria

  • For all those affected by the recent violence in Manipur state, particularly for the traumatised and displaced

  • That bereaved believers in Manipur would know God’s comfort and will remain strong in their faith

  • Thank God for the witness of Guangzhou church and for the growth in attendance. Pray for perseverance and courage for all its members.

(Sources: ChinaAid; Morning Star News)

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