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Prayers for Nigeria and update on Esther who was released from Boko Haram.

Your prayers and support are opening doors to the gospel.



In recent years, Christians are facing increasing persecution across West Africa, as Islamic extremism has spread. Often women are particularly vulnerable to the long-term effects of such attacks.

The gifts and prayers of Open Doors supporters are making a big difference in the region. Socio-economic training, income-generating projects and discipleship are transforming the lives of believers and those in their communities.

"By the grace of the Lord, my wife and I were able to open a clinic in our village," says Daniel in Niger, who receives income-generating loans from Open Doors. "It's opportunity to reach them with the gospel, showing them Jesus’ love."

Thank you for your ongoing support! PLEASE PRAY:

  • For protection and faith for your family in West Africa facing rising Islamic extremism

  • That training provided by Open Doors would bear fruit and enable Christians in the region to be self-sufficient and bless others.

In northern Nigeria, Islamic extremism is causing horrific damage to thousands of believers. Christian women and girls are being abducted and often forcibly married. In some states in northern Nigeria, many Christians dress like Muslims to reduce their chances of being attacked. Christians are frequently denied access to higher education and they’re often asked to give up their faith in order to get work.

Open Doors are partnering with local churches in Nigeria to bring healing and hope to thousands of believers. They’re offering relief aid, community development projects, trauma care and more.

A prayer for Nigeria

Heavenly Father, thank You for the perseverance and courageous faith of our brothers and sisters in Nigeria. Help the church continue to be a light in the midst of such dangerous circumstances, and heal those who have suffered attacks and losses for choosing to follow You. May Your peace and mercy flood the nation and turn the tide of Islamic extremism.

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