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Matthew 17:1 (NASB)

Led them up on a high mountain by themselves.

There's something refreshing about mountains, especially at the peak. The air is cleaner, the vision is clearer, the view is spectacular and the beauty more spellbinding. The crowds and noise at the base suddenly make way to peace and quiet at the top. It feels like a weight has been suddenly lifted off our shoulders. We feel light, healthy, fit and invigorated.

Holiness is such an experience as well. There's too much negativity in today's preaching regarding holiness. We don't give up things for the sake of giving those up but for the sake of a refreshed soul. A man who quits his addictions, fornications, bad habits and such for the sake of Christ finds a sudden buoyancy in his spirit as the Holy Spirit leads him up to the mountain top to meet Christ. That experience of personal holiness is as refreshing as the morning dew and the clear blue sky.

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