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Release International, Bangladesh and Lebanon


Pray for a ministry in Bangladesh with a heart to reach every corner of the country with the gospel which is seeing new believers coming from Muslim and Hindu religious backgrounds. Ask God to bless these young Christians for whom day-to-day life is often very hard.

Number of Prayers 17


Pray for our partner Operation Ruth and especially for its child, youth and education programmes which are raising a new generation in Lebanon to treat people of all faiths with respect and end the cycles of religious mistrust, hatred and persecution.

Number of Prayers 30


Pray for all Christians and churches in Lebanon as they seek to follow Christ, help to care for the 1.5 million-plus refugees living among them, heal from the trauma of past and neighbouring conflicts and rebuild their own fractured nation.

Number of Prayers 31


Pray for those who have come to faith from Muslim backgrounds and face particular challenges in developing their new faith identity while preserving their cultural identity. May they always know God’s love and find believers with whom they can experience true fellowship.

Number of Prayers 30


Pray for all those affected by the economic collapse and soaring prices in Lebanon. Many are going hungry as the prices of basic necessities have risen beyond what most can afford.

Number of Prayers 30


Pray for our partner Operation Isaiah and its work with Syrian and other refugees in Lebanon. May those who have been displaced by conflict discover God’s love for them in Christ despite the suffering they have experienced.

Number of Prayers 36


Pray for our partner Operation Ruth as it ministers to those who have fled from numerous wars in the region. Pray that the team would be able to offer hope and love as well as providing practical support.

Number of Prayers 131

Additionally, please pray for:

  • In Eritrea Dr Berhane Asmelash shares how Christians see it as a calling to be imprisoned for Christ (see pages 14-15)! Yet they still value your prayers.  

  • In Pakistan the imprisonment of Christians on so-called blasphemy charges has a huge knock-on effect on their families.  

In China Christians are bracing themselves for what our partner calls 'a harsh winter' of persecution descending.

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