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Release International, Pakistan and Algeria


Please pray for Asif in Pakistan who was given a death sentence in 2020 over blasphemous texts sent from a SIM card which he had lost. The prisoners he shares a cell with dislike him reading the Bible.


Thank God for the acquittal of Shafqat Emmanuel and his wife, Shagufta Kausar, after seven years on death row in Pakistan for alleged blasphemy. They are now living in a safe location with their children.


Pray for Riaz Gill in Pakistan who was beaten and received death threats from colleagues after being promoted at the medical centre where he works in Karachi. The persecution has continued even though Riaz has resigned from his new position.


Pray for the safe return of a 14-year-old Christian from Faisalabad in Pakistan who was abducted in July. Her family say they have been sent images of documents confirming her conversion to Islam and her marriage.


Christians with a Muslim background are a particular target for extremists in Pakistan. Pray they will have a steadfast faith and receive strong biblical teaching.


Please pray for Zafar Bhatti and his wife, Nawab. An appeal court in Rawalpindi, Pakistan upheld his life sentence for blasphemy in June. He continues to deny the charge.


Several churches and many homes were destroyed in the raids in southern Kaduna, Nigeria in early July. Pray that these communities will be united in their resolve to stand against fear and violence.

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