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Release International Prayer Alerts: China and Iran

📷 China

Pray for Christians in Xiamen, Fujian province, where Chinese authorities closed down more than 40 unregistered churches in June.

📷 China

Pray for Chinese Pastor Shaojie Zhang, serving a 12-year prison sentence for allegedly disrupting public order and fraud. His church, Nanle County Christian Church, had been locked in a land dispute with officials and Pastor Zhang is a fierce defender of human rights.

📷 China

Pray for Chinese pastor and aid worker John Cao, who has set up many schools in Myanmar. He was detained in 2017, after crossing the border back into China. His seven-year sentence was recently upheld.

📷 Iran

Please pray for seven Christian converts who were arrested in Bushehr, south-west Iran, in July and held in solitary confinement. Five are from the same family.

📷 Iran

Pray that the Iranian regime will start to heed and act upon national and international calls for the protection of religious minorities.

📷 Iran

Pray in faith that Christians in every city in Iran will be free to practise their religion, regardless of their ethnic background or language.

📷 Iran

The ethnic Assyrian Tabriz Church is allowed to conduct services only in Aramaic, not Farsi. Iranians who convert to Christianity tend to speak Farsi and generally only hear services in Farsi abroad. Thank God that His Word transcends all language barriers.

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Heavenly Father, I lift up all these suffering saints in China and Iran, and our sister's ministry to you in prayer. In Jesus blessed and holy Name, I pray, Amen.

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