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Release International Prayer Shields, China

China Pray that the church in China will grow in unity and faith as a result of persecution. 📷 China Authorities in Zhejiang province of China have introduced new restrictions on churches, including bans on baptisms and collection boxes. Pray the gospel will spread, despite these hurdles. 📷China Pray for six Uyghur Christians in Xinjiang province, China who have been sentenced to between five and seven years for ‘illegal’ church activity. Some have only recently come to Christ. 📷China The state-registered megachurch, Funan County Christian Church, in Anhui, China was demolished partway through a service in October 2019 – and pastors Geng Yimin and Sun Yongyao were arrested. Pray for a new home for this congregation. 📷 China Praise God for the release of Gou Zhongcan, who is affiliated with the Early Rain Covenant Church. He had spent seven months in custody. 📷 China Continue to pray for Pastor Wang Yi, who has been in custody in China since December 2018. At the end of December 2019 he was sentenced to 9 years in prison for ‘subversion’. Please pray for Pastor Wang Yi and his family, as well as others still in custody from the Early Rain Covenant Church in Chengdu such as Qin Defu and Ge Yingfeng. 📷 China Praise God that Christianity is growing fast in China, despite intense persecution. Sources quoted by Release partner China Aid estimate that there are now more than 100 million Christians there.

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Heavenly Father, I lift up all the persecuted saints in China and Tunisia. Watch over our sister as well. In Jesus's blessed and holy Name, I pray, Amen.

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