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Release International Prayer Shields, China and Columbia


The Chinese authorities have removed Bible apps and blocked Christian social messaging accounts. Pray that believers will find other ways both to nourish their spiritual growth and to spread the gospel.


Hard copies of Bibles are no longer available to buy online in China. Bookstores owned by the state-sanctioned Three-Self Church have been increasingly displaying the teachings of President Xi Jinping rather than Christian books. Thank God that the power of His Word can overcome these barriers.


Pray for the owner of an online Christian bookshop who was arrested in September 2019. Authorities launched an extensive investigation into its customers, confiscating books and interrogating Christians across China.


Pastor Wang Yi of Early Rain Church in China is serving a nine-year prison sentence, yet remains strong in his faith. Pray that God will sustain him and his family.


Please continue to pray for members of the Early Rain Church in Chengdu, China who have experienced sustained persecution since more than 100 of them were arrested in December 2018.


Thank God for the overcoming faith of His people in China. Despite restrictions, millions of believers continue to meet in banned house churches, refusing to join government-controlled churches.


Pray that God’s Spirit will move among those groups who persecute Christians in Colombia – and lead many to Christ.

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