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Release International Prayer Shields, Ethiopia

16 April 2022 – Unity

Believers outside the traditional church of Ethiopia, such as Evangelicals, can face persecution even from those who profess the Christian faith. Pray for unity in the body of Christ.

Those who share in His suffering.

As we remember Jesus’ suffering on the Cross today, let’s also remember the millions of our fellow believers worldwide who share in His suffering and lay down their lives to share Him with others.


‘Negasi’, ‘Ephrem’ and ‘Dinaw’ all came to Christ in prison in Ethiopia – and went on to lead many of their fellow inmates to Christ. Praise God that since their release, they have continued to share the gospel, despite persecution.


Pray for ‘Faizah’ whose husband Nagawo was killed by Islamists who were angry he had led Muslims to Christ. They destroyed Faizah’s home too, but Release International associate ministries helped rebuild it. She continues to share the gospel with her community in Ethiopia.


‘Jemal’ enjoyed debating with Christians, undermining their arguments, until he turned to Christ. His family in Ethiopia have since rejected him, beaten him and destroyed his home. Ask God to bless and protect him.


Most Christians in Ethiopia can worship freely – but those who have left the traditional church or Islam can face opposition. Ask God to give these believers the strength to endure.


Pray for the church in Ethiopia, a Christian-majority nation where believers in some areas, especially the south and east of the country, are under pressure. Christian-owned property, including churches, have been destroyed; believers have been beaten and some killed.

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