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Release International Prayer Shields, India


Pray for a full recovery, both physical and spiritual, for a family in Ludhiana district, Punjab, India, who were brutally beaten because they had turned to Christ. A 24-year-old woman was strangled but survived.


Praise God that the church in the area of Uttar Pradesh, India where Anamika (see previous prayers) lives is growing rapidly. Pray for those coming to faith who are harassed daily by extremists.


The father of Anamika (see yesterday’s prayer), her brother and neighbours who rescued her from her attackers in India, were later falsely accused of abuse by a female neighbour. Pray that justice and truth will prevail.


Pray for a 23-year-old Christian in India, Anamika Gautam, who was beaten with clubs and metal rods, and her life threatened because she shared her faith with a Hindu in Mansura, Uttar Pradesh.


Pray for Pastor Subash’s congregation in Karnataka state, India who were beaten by extremists during a 45-minute attack. Police filed charges against Pastor Subash for ‘forced conversion’ at the extremists’ insistence.


When Lila’s church (see yesterday’s prayer) tried to register a case with police in India, their complaint was rejected – even after a silent protest outside the police station. Pray for justice: Release associate ministries are helping them pursue the case in court.


Pray for believers in a village in Madhya Pradesh, India, where radical Hindus raided a prayer meeting, beating a pastor and several church members. Extremists kicked Lila Bhai in the stomach, killing her unborn son.

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