Release International Prayer Shields, Iraq and China

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

Iraq Pray for the thousands of Iraqi Christian families in other countries, including Jordan, who have been seeking asylum abroad for years. Pray that God will provide safe homes and welcoming communities.
Iraq An estimated 50,000 Iraqi Christians have remained in Iraq, scattered across the Nineveh plains around Mosul. Pray that God will multiply their number.
Iraq Continue to pray for Halla (who features in our recent film Halla’s story) and the many other displaced Christians being cared for by our partners in Erbil, Kurdistan. Pray that Christ will sustain and encourage them.
Iraq Our partners in Kurdistan are distributing food parcels, clothes, medicines and Bibles to refugees and internally displaced people in Iraq. Pray that this support – and the witness of other Christians in the camp – will help build religious tolerance.
Iraq When Myriam was nine, she gave an interview which attracted international attention: she forgave Islamic State whose violence forced her family to flee Qaraqosh in Iraq. Now 14, Myriam has returned with her family. Pray that God will protect them.
Iraq Renewed insecurity in Baghdad and in Syria has unsettled those Christians who have chosen to stay in Iraq. Islamist and Shia militia groups are still a threat. Pray that security in the region will improve.
China Pray that the church in China will grow in unity and faith as a result of persecution

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