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Release International Prayer Shields, Iraq and Nigeria


Please pray for Release partners as they support Iraqi and Syrian refugees in Kurdistan, providing food, money for rent and training, as well as spiritual support.


Continue to pray for Christians in Kurdistan who have lived in displacement camps for years. Pray that God will open a way for them to resettle in safety and rebuild their lives.


Pray that God’s Spirit will move among the ranks of those who oppose Him in Nigeria, convict people’s hearts, and lead them to repentance and salvation in Christ.


Please pray that Release partners’ pastor training programmes in Nigeria will continue, despite the pandemic and insecurity forcing some events to be postponed.


Thank God for the witness of Ibrahim Izang Aziobo who lost his sight in a Fulani gun attack in Jos, in 2008. After he gave his life to Christ in hospital, the first sermon he heard in church was about forgiveness. ‘I saw that the best thing was for me to forgive, so I forgave,’ he says. Ibrahim, now supported by Release associate ministries in Nigeria, was later confronted by Fulani militants again, but they let him go when they realised he was blind.


Please pray for Bilkisu James (see Voice magazine, page 10) who lost seven relatives when Fulani militants attacked Chibob village, Kaduna state in Nigeria, last July. She and her young son suffered gunshot wounds, for which she is still receiving treatment.


Members of ISWAP took control of Geidam, Yobe state, Nigeria, in April, looting and burning as they went. Around 2,000 residents fled. The attackers circulated leaflets calling for the establishment of an Islamic state. Pray that God will thwart their aims.

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Release International Prayer Shields

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