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Release International Prayer Shields, Nigeria

📷 Nigeria

Praise God for the safe return in Nigeria of six students and two staff kidnapped at a Christian-run school, Engravers’ College in Kaduna, in October after three weeks in captivity. Families reportedly paid a ransom.

📷 Nigeria

A wave of recent kidnappings across Kaduna state in Nigeria appears to have targeted church leaders and their families. A pastor and his son, a pastor’s wife and a bishop’s two children were abducted in one fortnight recently. Pray for their safe return.

📷 Nigeria

Ask God to give wisdom to church leaders in Nigeria as they lead their congregations through troubled times and share in their suffering.

📷 Nigeria

Pray that government and military officials in Nigeria will make concerted efforts to curb the violence and to protect vulnerable villages.

📷 Nigeria

Pray for villagers in Shaforon and Kodumti, Adamawa state, Nigeria, where two people died and six others were wounded when gunmen launched a night raid in September. Among the wounded was an 11-year-old whose father was killed. He had lost his mother in a previous attack.

📷 Nigeria

Boko Haram extremists in Nigeria abducted and killed Lawrence Dacighir and Godfrey Shikagham, Christians from Plateau state who were working with displaced people in Maiduguri, Borno state. Pray for their grieving families.

📷 Nigeria

Please pray for our partners in Nigeria whose work includes providing practical support to displaced communities. Ask God to sustain them as they work tirelessly to restore hope.

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Heavenly Father, bless and protect all the saints in Nigeria and other countries. Bless our sister as well. In Jesus's blessed and holy Name, I pray, Amen.

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