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Release International Prayer Shields, Nigeria


The raid in Dong village, Jos North (previous prayer shield), came after a previous assault in May 2021. The area is home to many Christians who have fled persecution elsewhere in Nigeria. Pray that this community will know God is their ‘refuge and strength’ (Psalm 46:1).


Pray for Christians in Plateau state, Nigeria who continue to face severe pressures. At least 22 believers were killed in suspected Fulani raids in Jos North and Bassa counties in January.


Pray for the many Christians in northern Nigeria who have been displaced by violence. Last year alone, nearly 5,000 Christians fled their homes, Release International partners say.


Pray that the Nigerian Government will take swift and robust action to end the killings and kidnappings in northern Nigeria.


Ten women and children were kidnapped – and one Christian killed – in a militant attack on Gbagyi Villa outside Kaduna city, Nigeria. A further six Christians had been kidnapped in a nearby village within the previous week. Pray for their release.


Pray for villagers in Kurmin Masara, Kaduna state, Nigeria, where Fulani militants killed 11 Christians in late-January. One elderly woman, known as Mama Fide, was burned to death in her home.


Praise God for the overcoming faith of people in Nigeria such as Victoria Dunga who survived an attack on Kautikari, Borno state, in January, in which three Christians were killed. ‘Burning down our churches will not stop us from worshipping God,’ Victoria says.

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