Release International Prayer Shields: Sudan, Iraq


Radical Muslims have protested in the Khartoum area and called for ‘holy war’ against the transitional Government for scrapping Sharia (Islamic law) provisions and decriminalising apostasy. Pray that reformists will hold fast to plans to increase religious liberty in Sudan.


Praise God for a series of legal reforms in Sudan that have fuelled hope of greater religious freedom for non-Muslims. One is the repeal of apostasy laws for those leaving Islam.


Pray for peace in this region. Ask God to give His people authority and favour so they will become respected members of the new communities being formed in Iraq.


Pray for the continued presence of Christians in Iraq, despite the many pressures on those who choose to remain and on those who have returned.


Iranian-backed militias are still operating in Iraq and seeking to change the demography in areas they control, replacing Christians with Shia Muslims. Pray that they will be ousted and security restored.


Only about 40 per cent of Christians in Iraq who were internally displaced during the Islamic State incursion have returned to their villages. Pray that they will be able to return home in safety.


Please pray for Christian families displaced by Turkish bombardments and incursions into Zakho district, northern Iraq. Turkey is targeting Kurdish fighters, whom it considers terrorists, in areas where many Christians live.

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