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Release International Prayer Shields, Uganda and China


Ask God to protect Bishop Raymond Malinga Opio who was badly beaten by extremists after speaking at an evangelistic outreach in Buwenge, eastern Uganda. Several people came to Christ at the event.


Pray for a man in central Kayunga district who is suspected of hanging his wife and two children because they received Christ. Pray for those affected by these deaths in Uganda.


Extremists in Uganda beat widow Jenifer and her daughter, Oliva, unconscious, leaving the teenager unable to walk. Pray for protection and healing for them both.


Pray for the wife and four children of Pastor Bashir Sengendo, a former mosque leader in eastern Uganda. He was killed by relatives angered by his conversion to Christianity.


Pray for protection for evangelist Charles Kamya. He was recently beaten unconscious by six extremists in Uganda who intercepted him on his way to take part in a debate about Christianity and Islam.


Please pray that the authorities in Muslim-majority areas of eastern Uganda will do more to protect Christians from violence.


Pray that churches in China will not fall foul of new restrictions which came into effect in March, limiting faith-related content on social media. All religious content will be vetted to ensure it promotes ‘socialist values’.

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