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Release International, Somalia, Egypt


Pray for Somali Christian brothers and sisters who have been helped to start up small businesses. Pray that their enterprises will be fruitful and provide much-needed income for their family needs.

Number of Prayers 19


Pray for those impacted by the recent suicide of a Christian woman and for our partners who bring comfort in these difficult situations.

Number of Prayers 31


Pray for the ongoing need for more places to worship in secure locations to accommodate ‘large numbers’ of Somali believers.

Number of Prayers 34


Praise God for the growing number of Somalis who are turning to Christ and particularly that God is bringing whole families to Himself.

Number of Prayers 34

A prayer for Christians who are suffering violence and persecution (Avidan)

A PRAYER FOR CHRISTIANS WHO ARE SUFFERING VIOLENCE AND OPPRESSION Lord we pray for all our brothers and sisters who, like Avidan and his children, have become displaced from their home due to violence and oppression in so many places around the world. Father, we ask that you continue to walk with them and sustain […]

Number of Prayers 24


Thank God that during a Release International visit to partners in Egypt last year we were able to pray for a girl who had just been abducted and two hours later received news that she had been returned. Please pray for the many girls in Egypt who are not returned to the families.

Number of Prayers 30


Thank God for the work amongst women carried out by Release International partners running the Strength to Stand ministry. Many testify to the increased spiritual and economic resilience the groups give them.

Number of Prayers 33

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To lift up persecuted Christians in your prayers and see God at work in their lives

Children’s Prayer Sheet

It’s not only adults who can pray for our persecuted family. Every month we produce a prayer sheet aimed specifically for children. Each sheet has specific activities and prayers which will help children learn more about how persecution affects children in other countries.

You can visit our Children’s Prayer Sheet page here.

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Pray for Pakistani Avidan and his children.

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