Release Interntional Prayer Shields, Eritrea and Somaliland

Christmas day

As we celebrate the birth of Jesus, please pray that He will flood with His peace and His joy those who suffer for His name’s sake.

Christmas Eve

As we prepare to celebrate the coming of the Lord with eager expectation at Christmas, let’s pray that our persecuted brothers and sisters – in Eritrea and worldwide – will wait on Him and be reassured of His promises today.


Ask God to relieve the suffering of people in the Tigray region of Ethiopia, who include many Eritrean Christian refugees. Eritrea has joined forces with Ethiopia in attacking ‘rebels’: many civilians have been caught in the crossfire.


Thank God for the recent release of scores of prisoners of faith in Eritrea in the first half of this year. Please pray for another mass release of prisoners soon.


Pray for more than 100 Christian prisoners believed to be behind bars in state jails in Eritrea. Pray they will be a powerful witness to their fellow inmates.


Pray that recent trials involving Christians will not be used to further embed Sharia (Islamic law) in Somaliland. Pray that they will rather serve to highlight the need for greater religious freedom.


Many believers from Somaliland have reportedly fled abroad in the past year, concerned by recent persecution of converts from Islam. Pray for wisdom for them as they decide if and when to return.

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